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We deliver equipment world wide

The New CSI Semen Spy Deluxe with UV lamp even better!

Only £64.50
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Spycraft® Spy Equipment & spy electronics


BBC report - Spying on the public.
Right or Wrong?

Spycraft® Who are we?
We are a UK based company with over 27 years experience in the spy electronics industry.
We provide spy equipment & services to the surveillance industry, private customers, VIP’s & large corporate's. We also provide equipment & services to the public.

What we offer:
Through our web site we offer you access to the latest state-of-the-art spy electronics & solutions, available for purchase or hire. We hold a complete stock that is normally delivered, worldwide, within 24 - 48 hours.
• Covert GPS tracking systems
• Cameras, hidden CCTV
• Intruder alarms
• Counter-surveillance - products.
• TSCM - bug sweep services.
• Spy electronics & equipment
• Encrypted communications.

Therefore we provide you with a choice, all the tools to create your own monitoring or anti-spy solution; or use our managed service & let our professional technicians resolve your problem. See below.

Your shopping experience:
Your security is important to us and that starts with your purchase; we incorporate in our shopping cart the latest counter fraud 3D Secured System from Visa & Master Card. 3D secured is a fully encrypted & secure solution for any credit / debit card transaction including AMEX.

Fully managed counter-surveillance:
We routinely carry out “on-site” totally managed, bug sweep / counter-surveillance for those customers who would prefer a “hands-off” solution. Our service is fast, discreet and affordable – ask us for an immediate quote. From a single office to a complete office building or private dwelling, we provide a secure and private solution for your personal peace of mind.
To book your managed bug sweep click here complete the on-line contact form & we will contact you within 24 hours.

DIY detection and monitoring:
For many people a do-it-yourself approach
to solving “their” problem is the quickest, easiest & best solution – giving you complete control & providing the tools on-site for continued peace of mind.

All of the tools on offer come with complete instructions; a full back up access to our technical support team and the option to book a “hands-on" training day which can include “sweeping” your target premises or creating a monitoring package.
As electronic systems become more complex in their ability then equally the controls become simpler – meaning that if you can use a mobile phone, digital camera or computer then setting up and using your own system should be reasonably simple – & if not then you have full access to our technical support line by phone or email.

The Ultimate GPS Tracker !

There are many different GPS tracking products on the world market but this system the GL200 / Enduro pro, out performs all of them. All things considered & combined with our GPS Tracking application this system is the best GPS tracking hardware available at the moment with in its price range.


A new concept in secure unhackable communications !

We guarantee your privacy with our state
of the art private Blackberry phones

This Porsche 9982 blackberry is a state of the art smart phone but it’s been set up with our exclusive secured messenger allowing secured chat and image transfers similar to skype. simply open the system and use it worldwide pre-paid for 6 months sim included in the purchase.
You can also use the system over wifi with no sim card in the hand set.
The device hosts our exclusive private messenger software and provides the user with an end to end communication portal as well as safe volt hand set environment.

The WAM-108t Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor

The Ultimate detector for full RF & GSM spectrum analysis addressing the modern demands for the electronic security industry, Excellent in all areas.

pro-w10gx bug detector

If there is one device you cannot leave behind on a bug sweep it has to be the PRO-W10GX with its built in logger & spectrum bar it’s a must for any bug sweep expert or beginner. It’s user friendly OS & TFT screen will quickly allow the user to analyses GSM signals inc UK 3G, 4G cell carriers & Wi-Fi.
It opperates in logging mode to find GPS tracking signal patterns scan everything at the touch of a button in real time or Logger mode. An excellent powerful & easy to understand hand held spectrum analyzer,
(HIGHTLY DIRECTIONAL) free delivery world wide.

The new Safe Mac book air

This new Mac book will guarantee your security and is inaccessible without the passwords, it also HAS A FULLY RANDOM clocked iP when on the net and holds a true SSD unbreakable encryption on its hidden Windows os.

Exclusive "Crypto To Go" Secure Text messaging software
crypto phone software ctg crypto to go

Software stand alone for any Android phone or purchase the software with a brand new Android phone, its up to you. simple installation and usability.
Now you can text message each other and its absolutely impossible for any one to read the content of your text message, the message is private and can not be read by the service provider or any one smart enough to hack your phone or intercept the data, totally secure professionally tested & guaranteed.
Ideal for VIP clients and government use also available to all members of the general public & 100% guaranteed legal & unbreakable


Spycraft® first choice for Spy equipment & surveillance equipment online every time!
Trustwave approved shopping system to protect your credit card info & details
Free NEXT DAY delivery in the UK on all purchases over £100 conditions apply

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